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Welcome to our newly updated website.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by, be sure to visit our forum, browse through our downloads, links and more.  Feel free to contact us at any time.
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   U2K Clan Server Information
Speed  165
Binslayer style rifles with translocator
U4 (speed pills) with relics
Giant/medium DM maps and a few CTF maps
Map vote and spawn protection

Here is a description of the relics we use for our UT server. There are 3 different groups of pick-ups on the server:

1) Official UT relics (I am sure you know what those do)
2) Relics2 (which is a pack of extra relics made for UT)
3) SInTech's from SinUT MOD TechsThese are special items that you may carry which, enhance your abilities.  Some techs come with disadvantages, so be forewarned.

Note: We occasionally change items/ weapons to vary the server.   
   U2K Clan Server Rules
The thing that stands out about U2K above all of our other qualities is our attitude. U2K isn't all about winning; it's about having a good time and making friends. There are a few rules that we live by, and while in our company, we ask the same of you. We will do our best to make you feel as welcome and as much of a "part of the gang" as we can.

Diversity - Diversity in a team promotes creativity and excellence and is the antithesis of abhorrent values such as hate and exclusion.

Integrity - We act in a manner consistent with these principles out of humility and forthrightness.

Respect - We value the sanctity of life and the inherent dignity of every human being.

Excellence - We believe that teamwork is the basis of excellence and will always do our best for the team.

Compassion - We care for the whole person and will not belittle or denigrate anyone.

Team - Not only are we a team, we are a family.

We will not tolerate bad behavior. This includes but is not limited to:

-Blatant disrespect of any player. In other words, if you threaten or offend anyone in our server, a decision will then be made, by U2K as a whole, to ban you from the server. If caught by a U2K admin, will be banned immediately, no questions asked.

-Harassing players in any way, members and guests alike.

-Using excessive foul language. We have children that play on our server, so act like an adult.

-Entering our server to chase new people away. If you're a really good player, this is not nice. They have just as much right to have fun here as you do.

-Teamplay when the game is in DM Mode. DO NOT come in with your buddy to play and never frag each other its bad sportsmanship.

-Player names or aliases that are rascist, sexist, homophobic or contain excessive swearing are NOT acceptable.

-Spawnkilling. Killing players when they spawn is not only irritating but very unsportsmanlike. 6 Seconds is all we ask.

-Camping/sniping. Our server is a run and gun server. If you like camping/sniping there are many servers out there that allow it.

-Gloating about your superior frags or score. If you are winning, congratulate your opponent(s) with a "Good Game" or "gg" its all about sportsmanship.

Any player found guilty of having an overtly cocky attitude, talking excessive trash, shooting other players on their own team for items will be banned.


-If you are caught cheating, your IP will be logged and will be distributed as we see fit. You will not only be banned from the U2K server, but from other clan servers as well. You will also be banned from our forum. No-one wants to hear a cheater whine about being banned. We will not tolerate cheating of any kind!

-If you are suspected of cheating; we reserve the right to ban you. In some cases there is no "hard evidence" to prove a player is cheating. In this instance we will have a private team discussion, and you will be watched. Video may be taken of you playing, to be reviewed by all of U2K. If we come to the conclusion that you are cheating, you will be banned from the U2K server.